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Serving West Allis, Greenfield, and Franklin Wisconsin

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We offer options like express next day delivery! Additional container options and premium soap select detergents that are brought to you by Tide

a plan for everyone

Single Member Plan

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Perfect for a Single or two-person family

  • 3 Collapsible Containers

  • Contactless Delivery

  • Pick Up Once a Week

Family Plan

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Ideal for a small family or up to three people.

  • 4 Collapsible Containers

  • Contactless Delivery

  • Pick Up Once a Week

XL Family Plan

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For larger families, four or more, and with heavy laundry needs.

  • 6 Collapsible Containers

  • Add additional Container at no additional cost

  • Contactless Delivery

  • Pick Up Once a Week

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A premium laundry service that's so simple anyone can use it. Our philosophy is laundry shouldn't be difficult, with us it never will. To hear more about us and our story click the button below.

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Contactless Delivery


Weekly and Biweekly Pick Up


Collapsible Laundry Containers 


Bedding, Linens, and Pillows

Easy pick up


Convenient Collapsible Containers 

Strong, weatherproof, foldable. Simply fill it up, set it out, and we pick it up for contactless pick up and drop off.

Select Your Detergent

Through our partnership with Tide P&G Products, we have carefully selected the following detergents to choose from.
Tide Power + Ultra OXI

Our most popular detergent from Tide. It's simple, effective  and smells great!

Tide + Downy

Ideal for those with sensitive skin and allergies. This Tide option is hypoallergenic. 

Tide Pure Clean

Perfect for the eco-friendly in mind. This plant based detergent has no additives, no scent and is safe for the environment. Save the planet by trying our plant based option.

Tide Heavy Duty

Great for sport clothing, heavy laundry or hard to clean fabrics that just need the extra strength.