Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you wash the laundry?

Our location is designed to take the high volumes. We wash, dry, and press on site. We're currently in progress of expanding to other locations to better serve you and surrounding locations.

I would like to purchase a subscription for someone else, how can I do that?

Our subscription is a wonderful gift to give that special someone in your life. Some parents buy subscriptions for their kids away at college. Its also perfect for those family members who may have a difficult time with laundry, we are here for you. What ever the reason or occasion we're here to serve you, just supply us with a few details and we'll take it from there.

I'm very particular about my detergent, I have sensitive skin and seasonal allergies, will you use my personal detergent?

We take pride in our flexibility and care for our customers. Currently we offer two selections of tide soap that are both friendly to the environment and to the skin. These detergents are great for those with allergies and sensitive skin. Don't like the scent? We also offer an odorless plant based option as well. While some special cases do come up, we understand and will work with you to ensure you receive the highest quality of service. Give us a call or send us a message and we'll work with you.

Have a question?

Submit a question to our contact us page or shoot us a comment. Visit our Facebook page. 

"Laundry is a very important part of our modern society, it's not something that's going away soon. Laundry often gets overlooked as another necessary but mundane daily task. Instead of dedicating so much time for it, let me take care of it for you. Here at Express Clean we're passionate about eliminating the monotonous process of doing laundry from your schedule. Express Clean, and I take pride in listening to our customers concerns, we develop solutions to solve their unique problems. We're proud, and honored to provide our clients with such care and speed. "

Chief of Operations

Express Clean Laundry LLC